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Restructuring serum (50 ml)


Royal Jelly, Marine Cytochrome

Dry and sensitive skins

This specific anti-wrinkle skin care is designed for dull, stretched and strained skins. Your skin regains tone and elasticity thanks to this moisturizing* and relaxing serum. *Upper layers of the skin.


Avocado Oil, oily maceration of Ivy, Royal Jelly serum (3%), Beeswax, oily maceration of Pollen, Organic Silicon, Vegetable Ceramides, , Marine Cytochrome extract (0,1%).


It can be used alone or under our common skin care day or night cream. Ideal for dehydrated or sensitive skins. This skin care can be used all year long or as one month treatment, alternately with the usual cream. It awakens your skin and provides perfect hydration*. Your skin regains its elasticity, tone and radiance.


Royal Jelly Serum: This glandular secretion from the bee contains pantothenic acid which helps metabolizing fats, carbohydrates and amino-acids. Rich in trace elements and vitamins, it helps the renewal of skin cells. Avocado Oil: Rich in vitamins A, B, C, D, E, H, K, PP, it is mainly used in anti-ageing creams. It rejuvenates the skin tissues and protects the skin from external damages. Highly recommended for very dry skins. Oily maceration of Ivy: It boosts blood circulation, thus promoting the elimination of fatty tissues. Plant Ceramides: It is a fatty substance which maintains the hydration* of the skin. Organic Silicon: Silicon is necessary for the synthesis of collagen fibers. It keeps the skin soft and prevents skin from ageing. Marine Cytochrome: This protein is essential for the production of energy in the skin cells.

PRESENTATION: 50 ml pump bottle

Made in France