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Organic body lotion (200 ml)


Organic Propolis, Organic Sunflower and Organic Shea butter

All skin types

This Body Lotion, formulated with certified organic ingredients, nourishes and soothes your skin. The Sunflower oil, rich in fatty acids, is combined with Shea Butter which has repairing and protective properties and with Propolis, which has soothing and regenerative virtues. Those three ingredients act together to form a protective envelop to prevent from skin dryness and provide you a pleasant daily experience.


Sunflower oil* (10%), Lavender floral water*, Shea butter* (3%), Propolis extract (0,5%). 98% of the total ingredients are from natural origin. 99% of the total plant ingredients are resulting from Organic Agriculture. Ecological and Organic Cosmetics certified by ECOCERT GreenLife according to the referential ECOCERT available on http://cosmetiques.ecocert.com.


Apply on the body and massage softly to rub the lotion into the skin.


Sunflower oil*: This oil has been used for centuries in the traditional medicine for the care and the treatment of the skin. It has a high concentration in unsaturated fatty acids, with antioxidant properties, that are essential to the skin structure. Lavender floral water*: It has toning, healing and refreshing properties and is well-known for its pleasant smell, which brings wellness and calm. It is renowned for its ability to soothe redness and soreness. Shea butter*: Extracted from a plant, the Shea butter has a protective action on the skin. It softens and nourishes the skin and helps the healing process of skin conditions such as dermatitis. Largely used in cosmetology, its rich texture is ideal for dry to very dry skin. Propolis extract: Resinous substance collected on tree buds by the bees. It is packed with over 400 different nutrients with strong healing and anti-inflammatory properties. Its anti-oxidant properties have a beneficial effect on the skin renewal process.

PRESENTATION: 200 ml pump bottle.

Made in France