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Propolis Passtilles Honey & Liquorice (45 g)


Honey & Liquorice

Well-being of the throat, breath

The Propolis Pastilles Honey & Liquorice are ideal to soothe sore throats and refresh the breath. They can be used by singers, smokers or public speakers… and at the first signs of cold weather.

The antiseptic properties of Propolis are combined to the soothing and flux action of Honey.


Gum Arabic (45%), Brown Sugar, Honey (17%), Propolis Extracts (6%), Liquorice sap (1%), Violet and Anethole Natural Flavors.
Traces of Carnauba wax and Corn starch (no GMO). May also contain traces of nuts and eggs.


Suck slowly 5 to 6 lozenges a day. For maximum efficiency, it is advisable to suck a gum for 15 to 30 minutes.


Avoid giving to children less than 3 year old. Do not take if allergic to any bee products. Keep in a dry and cool place.

Made in France
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